Cultural Tourism


turismo culturale

In recent times, tourism and culture have become key features of  territorial economic revival. Using programs based on the unique characteristics of an area, these two ingredients provide powerful investment incentives to both private and public institutions.

  • Analysis, study and impact-interpretation of tourism-themed interventions aimed at increasing direct and indirect economic influx.
  • Results of the operations and consequent valorisation of the territory using the P.V.T. model (Potential Valorisation of Territory).

"Cultural Tourism – Emotional Marketing"

No longer and journey just to see, but a moment to experience emotions that stop the passage of time.
This is the new tourism, a sector full of opportunity that Italy would like to relaunch but is failing to do so thanks to a the lack of a communication platform.

A manual for the general public, employees, future managers in the tourism sector and whoever else sees the potential of territorial relaunch, based on the valorisation of historical memory and, above all, the re-modelling of so-called tourist packages that must today take social and emotional variations into consideration.
The change from “horizontal” tourism aimed just at seeing, to “vertical” tourism that transports participants into the memory of a place. A new take on tourism for a society constantly seeking new experiences. 


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Cultural Tourism – Emotional Marketing

Cultural Tourism

Emotional Marketing


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