• An expert in cultural communication, Elena Croci heightens corporate visibility (particularly for banks, foundations and companies) using the themes of culture, identity and territory
  • Specialised in the development of identity and “historical memory”, she uses these arguments in the realisation of museums and cultural projects strictly linked to society while simultaneously offering a new vision of our relationship with time and the development of the local territory
  • Elena teaches cultural marketing at Brera Belle Arti Milan Academy, she has also teached at the University of Tourism in Lucca and the Catholic University of Milan and has published several books, the latest being “Time Matters, cultural communication for a new recipe of happiness“(ed. Lupetti)
  • Using her own analytical model (P.V.T.), the potential of an area is evaluated in the context of its society, geographical characteristics, economy and cultural identity in order to form and cultivate so called “territorial districts” aimed at attracting public and private funding – with the aim of training and developing the younger generations of the area, providing them with the tools to develop their territory at a professional level
  • Elena speaks Italian, French, German and English and is a Captain of the Italian Reserve Army. She is responsible for the protection and development of the historical possessions of the Italian Army, and for the “historical memory” of Heart in Afghanistan where she has been several times and about which she has produced several publications, some for the Afghan government (see Culture and Defence)

Institutional Positions and Others
  • Founding member of the Organizing Committee of the Holyland Musuem in Jersualem
  • Consultant for the Friends of the Stelline Foundation, Milan
  • Italian Army – Member of the scientific committee for the realisation of the Italian Army Museum in Rome


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