Culture and Defence


The restitution of identity and historic memory

This initiative is integral part of the post-conflict reconstruction phase. In this phase the cultural component becomes fundamental and the restoration of the intangible significance of culture become essential for the stabilization process to foster a spirit identity and belonging.


English version

We are talking about a Nation that has experienced 30 years of war, circumstance in which cultural and historic memory was partially erased. The publication is made in Herat, it was entirely printed on site by a local printing company, and the translation of the bilingual text (English-Dari), was compiled  by a professor of the university of Herat.


Dari Version

500 copies were printed and will be freely distributed in schools, universities and any other didactic facility. Soon an e-version will be available and accessible online. The publishing rights were donated to the local authorities of the city so that they could engage in an on going process of promotion and distribution of this message of cultural communication that uses the past to stimulate the recovery process. 


Launch of the book ‘Herat the Florence of the East’, with the then Italian Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa and Dr. Saud Shah Saba, Governor of the Province of Herat

The book: a visibility tool


An ambitious project: cultural communication on behalf of the Defense. Three months in Afghanistan were dedicated to the survey of the historic and artistic heritage of the northwestern province of Herat.

The intention to partake in this project highlights the fact that also institutions that play a role not directly linked with culture can benefit from good visibility. This institutional publication was realized by the Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, its distribution and the attention it received from the media further highlight the importance that visibility has in the context of reconstruction.

In such a complex phase of international relations, the Defense is perceived as an institution that not only promotes peace and security but it also dialogues with the cultural aspects of the countries in which it is operating. Through this survey it was possible to achieve the twofold goal of acting towards the protection of the cultural and historic heritage and improving the visibility of the institution in charge of the project, in this case the Italian Armed Forces.


Book launch ‘Herat arte e cultura’ with Vittorio Sgarbi


From the news program TG5 broadcasted on 08/04/2011 (see video)

The museums of the Italian Armed Forces

  • As Lieutenant of the Reserve Corps she is in charge of historic and cultural projects in the region of Lombardia, aiming at an improvement and strengthening of the communication between the institution and the public

  • Among other tasks, on behalf of the Stato Maggiore, and as specialist in cultural communication and regional marketing, she also surveyed all the historic and artistic patrimony conserved in the museums of the Armed Forces


Cannon of the XVIII Century
Turin, Museo dell'Artiglieria

  •  This study was conceived to improve the visibility of the Armed Forces’ Museums and it was arranged in several stages, from the scientific approach to the development of a project allowing the selection of contents that could be used to improve the visibility of the outcomes using modern technical tools applied to didactic and museum exhibitions


Affari Di Tempo


Lupetti Editore

Comunicazione culturale per una nuova ricetta di felicità

wakwak catalogo

Anime Di Materia

La Libia di Ali WakWak


Gangemi Editore 

Catalogo delle opere dello scultore Libico, a cura di Elena Croci

vicini terra lontana small


Sulle strade dell’Afghanistan con il contingente italiano


Polistampa Edizioni

A cura del Generale D.A. Settimo Caputo e della Dottoressa Elena Croci

Cultural Tourism – Emotional Marketing

Cultural Tourism

Emotional Marketing


Franco Angeli Editore

Il passaggio da un turismo orizzontale a uno verticale