Corporate Culture & Memory



The principal assumption here is that, today, we find ourselves in a phase of profound transformation. The changes taking place are bringing the individual face-to-face with new models (of work, family structure and daily routine) that the general public is struggling to metabolise because, as always, the digestion of change requires time. The principle on which CC works is the reinforcement of both individuals and groups, focusing on three key concepts: TRUST-ORIENTATION-IDENTITY.

In today’s world, it is vital to take into account the socio-anthropological subtleties invisibly hidden behind an object, history or identity. We enter a field of analysis significantly more complex than the simple ‘slice of the past’ or ‘cultural object’. CC – perhaps best described as communal action within the cultural matrix – inserts itself in a far more transversal manner than a techno-specific language ever could.

  • CC aims to use cultural potential as a tool of communication and marketing
  • CC aims to reconstruct the past and adapt it to a modern context in order to build communication and identity projects

Historical Memory

  • To promote social responsibility
  • To focus on cohesion between and the identity of people inhabiting a cultural structure
  • To reinforce external image by highlighting the unique nature of the product’s history

Project Example

  • Identify and establish the company’s objectives
  • Inject suitable elements of art and culture within projects that respect and follow the company’s philosophy and goals
  • Make full use of the company’s unique assets in order to create a targeted cultural communication and marketing strategy
  • Collate and analyse results


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