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affari-di-tempoAffari Di Tempo (Time Matters)

Cultural Communication offering a new recipe for happiness

Things no longer hold together - certainties, values, myths: the certainties of modern society are gradually falling apart, opening up on still more confused scenarios, definitely very different from our day-to-day lives which have up to now coincided with a model of “ordinariness”.

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In this era of post-globalization with its economic setbacks, new international equilibriums, technological devel- opments and social/environmental emergences, modern man needs to reconsider and configure his role within society.

It follows that time, territory and culture become the three cornerstones on which to construct a new process of conscience.

In Matters of Time Elena Croci aims at giving significant help to all those who find themselves dealing with these issues, by taking up the position which she has consolidated in founding Comunicazione Culturale (

Hence her need to explore the philosophy and sociology of the past and the present, and identify the levers which are used every day in discourses on cultural communication.

A reconnaissance which moves from the territory and humans relations established there to investigate everything punctuating the days/times of the community and the individual today.

One of the themes is discussed in how the perception of happiness today is no longer tied to material possessions alone.

Croci also offers solutions and models, from SWOT analyses on future prospects to the PVT® model (potential valorisation of the territory), instruments she views as indispensable for formulating new codes of access in order to live the territory and acquire a more contemporary perception of the self.

Finally, this brief essay also aims at urging individuals to be courageous, take conscience and develop the capacity to be and express everything they believe in.

“Time is only the dimension of the soul tied to things, it disappears as soon as the soul breaks away”. Marco Vanini, Storia della mistica occidentale..


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