Corporate and Social Art Advisory


IMG 0403With its fresh vision and approach, CC is also an advisory service operating within the fields of art and culture.
It suggests, for example, a different slant on artistic collections: a communication strategy that uses the artistic canal as a vehicle for recounting and communicating, in a transverse manner to a heterogeneous public , the indelible link between ‘happiness’ and ‘knowledge’. In other words, a new and different form of presentation to the public at large within the context of the important socio-economic transformations taking place.
Above all, CC emphasizes communication and investment strategies where the words TIME-CULTURE and INDIVIDUAL BENEFIT are no longer measured solely in terms of economic gain, but also an INTANGIBLE yet quantifiable profit. Running parallel to CC’s classic services (expert consultation and advice for those wishing to invest in the artistic-cultural sphere), these are the new approaches CC now employs in order to ensure the satisfaction and trust of past and present clients.


Affari Di Tempo


Lupetti Editore

Comunicazione culturale per una nuova ricetta di felicità

wakwak catalogo

Anime Di Materia

La Libia di Ali WakWak


Gangemi Editore 

Catalogo delle opere dello scultore Libico, a cura di Elena Croci

vicini terra lontana small


Sulle strade dell’Afghanistan con il contingente italiano


Polistampa Edizioni

A cura del Generale D.A. Settimo Caputo e della Dottoressa Elena Croci

Cultural Tourism – Emotional Marketing

Cultural Tourism

Emotional Marketing


Franco Angeli Editore

Il passaggio da un turismo orizzontale a uno verticale