Cultural Communication is a translation tool, a sociological filter designed to anticipate the needs of the new tourist and urban citizen using artistic products and communication strategies reflecting the cultural requirements of the modern individual seeking innovative, easy intellectual assets on a made-to-measure basis

Cultural Communication uses cultural characteristics and traditions – both material and less tangible – as national and international tools of communication and marketing; cultural history and ‘memory’ are evaluated, reconstructed and adapted to a modern context in order to built projects focused on communication and identity

CCommunication analyses, catalogues and evaluates the potential of a cultural and artistic heritage (history, archives…) to be reorganised into a form suitable for the general public

Using detailed planning strategies, CCommunication gives visibility to institutions and private and public companies involved in historical, cultural and artistic spheres, maximising communication and marketing


New book by Elena Croci

affari-di-tempoAffari Di Tempo (Time Matters)

Cultural Communication offering a new recipe for happiness

Things no longer hold together - certainties, values, myths: the certainties of modern society are gradually falling apart, opening up on still more confused scenarios, definitely very different from our day-to-day lives which have up to now coincided with a model of “ordinariness”.

Lupetti Editore, p. 152,15 Euro


Cultural Communication and Internationalization

homesmallCC reinforces the export of Italian products by combining the uniqueness of a product with its cultural and historical significance within the framework of a communications project. The key is ‘Made in Italy’: the idea that the very ‘Italianess’ of a product makes it more valuable thanks to its birth within the confines of a country eternally linked with an immaterial essence that elevates beauty to higher plane or sphere.


Corporate Culture & Memory


The principal assumption here is that, today, we find ourselves in a phase of profound transformation. The changes taking place are bringing the individual face-to-face with new models (of work, family structure and daily routine) that the general public is struggling to metabolise because, as always, the digestion of change requires time. The principle on which CC works is the reinforcement of both individuals and groups, focusing on three key concepts: TRUST-ORIENTATION-IDENTITY.


Territorial Marketing


An instrument used to define and consolidate the identity of a particular area through analysis of key characteristics and their potential to attract investment
Information, communication and awareness programs aimed at informing potential investors about opportunities available within the area


Cultural Tourism

turismo culturale

In recent times, tourism and culture have become key features of  territorial economic revival. Using programs based on the unique characteristics of an area, these two ingredients provide powerful investment incentives to both private and public institutions.

  • Analysis, study and impact-interpretation of tourism-themed interventions aimed at increasing direct and indirect economic influx.
  • Results of the operations and consequent valorisation of the territory using the P.V.T. model (Potential Valorisation of Territory).


Affari Di Tempo


Lupetti Editore

Comunicazione culturale per una nuova ricetta di felicità

wakwak catalogo

Anime Di Materia

La Libia di Ali WakWak


Gangemi Editore 

Catalogo delle opere dello scultore Libico, a cura di Elena Croci

vicini terra lontana small


Sulle strade dell’Afghanistan con il contingente italiano


Polistampa Edizioni

A cura del Generale D.A. Settimo Caputo e della Dottoressa Elena Croci

Cultural Tourism – Emotional Marketing

Cultural Tourism

Emotional Marketing


Franco Angeli Editore

Il passaggio da un turismo orizzontale a uno verticale

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